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Brailes and The George Inn History

The George Inn – Brailes

Brayles. then spelt with a “y” was a Roman British settlement and was later mentioned in the Doomsday Book
In the year 1070 the parish yielded to the King, William the Conqueror, £55 plus 20 pack horses loaded with salt.
It is believed that the present building was constructed in 1350 to house the masons who built the church of St. George.
It is probable that ale was dispensed on the site before this because a market was granted to Brayles in 1248. t can be assumed that the herdsmen and others attending the market would slurp, or quaff a stoup of ale in addition to their other business.
During the days of the Royal Mail coaches the George was a celebrated Coaching Inn.
It is probable that the George can claim to be one of the earliest ale dispensaries in the country
The present great fireplace was only discovered during recent restoration to the dining room. Care has been taken to ensure that as far as possible it has been put back to its original state.
It is difficult to imagine all the happenings in the George throughout 7 centuries. Romances and tragedies, joy and frustration, hope and disappointments, promises broken and trysts abandoned, and those who’s suppers at home were burnt to a cinder because they were kept “on business”
The stout walls have listened and yielded nothing, you may be sure that your secrets will be so honoured.
In the tradition of all previous mine hosts’ we do our best, should we fail you in any way please let us know.
We hope you enjoy your Hooky or whatever is your pleasure.

“Historical facts called from “Memories of Brailes’ by All Woodward”